Bold Lighting. Redesigned.

Decorate your entire room with a single piece of fine art.

Handmade in Virginia

Every light is designed and hand created by a small team of artists led by Joseph Zado.

Produced Individually

Each lamp is created to order, and we are happy to accept customization requests and new ideas. Let's collaborate!

Shipping Worldwide

We ship our lights insured both within the US and internationally. Your package is guaranteed to arrive safely and securely.

Lifetime Support Promise

We'll repair or replace our lights for as long as we're here. The lightbulbs do not need replacement and remain bright for years.

Stained Hardwood and Acrylic Lights

Our lights feature hand stained, sustainably sourced maple, cherry and birch, paired with recycled acrylic and new electronic components.

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Quality Matters

Only the best materials

We select all of our hardwood, stains, acrylics and electronics with an eye for the sublime. We want the focal piece of your room to be beautiful when lighted, and when at rest.

Custom orders welcome!

We create custom pieces for weddings, special gifts and home and event installations. Contact us to begin creating something uniquely yours.

This is absolutely the coolest lamp I've ever owned or seen! This shop's designs are incredible and the craftsmanship is absolutely amazing. Very, very few people or companies produce items that are this well designed and crafted. They truly are collectors items!

— ★★★★★ Nathan, 4/8/23 on Etsy

An eye for detail

Every light is handcrafted with attention to the little things. Each shadow lamp is a labor of love created with a hyperfocus on quality and attention to design specifications.

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Nursery Magic

The Slumber Lamp is the perfect baby room décor, with dimming control and silent operation.

Slumber Lamp